BIOMETROLOGY provides Contract Analytical Laboratory Services bringing its expertise in cutting-edge Surface Analytical Techniques to valued Clients in Government, Academia and Private Industry.


Higher resolution, quantitative, minimally-invasive 3D measurements from Angstroms to centimeters performed on nearly any product or sample, in air or liquid environments.


  • Longer term R&D projects regarding products under development, approaching or undergoing FDA approval.


  • BIOMETROLOGY conducts independent laboratory analyses and expert scientific witness services for patent litigation and other legal cases.


  • BIOMETROLOGY has raised the expectations of bio-related industry for contract analytical service and research.


  • Using research science and tools of Nanotechnology, BIOMETROLOGY solves industry's growing analytical needs.


BIOMETROLOGY provides highest quality analytical laboratory service with convenient data delivery for the outsourcing of AFM and other surface analytical techniques performed on client samples.


  • More than 30 different in situ measurements performed on your product or sample with the technical know-how that comes with over 27 years experience in the field.


  • Your laboratory results and expert consultation with our scientists delivered direct to you for one convenient rate (inquire).


Controlling the interface of solids and liquids is critical to the success of many biomedical technologies. BIOMETROLOGY provides AFM surface analysis of micromachined (as shown here) and/or chemically-treated surfaces under fluids for more relevant evaluation and characterization. BIOMETROLOGY specializes in fluid analysis and it is available for nearly all samples.


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1448 E. 52nd Street, Suite 372

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Tel: +1 (510) 676-5191