BIOMETROLOGY was founded in April 1999 as founding member of the Alameda Center for Emerging Technologies in the San Francisco Bay Area by Dr. Michael J. Allen.  BIOMETROLOGY was formed in order to provide the highest quality, most cost-effective and convenient outsourcing of contract analytical laboratory services for the Biomedical and related industries.


In 2009, BIOMETROLOGY was relocated to Chicago's Hyde Park enabling Dr. Allen to serve as Principal Investigator on separate NIH-funded studies regarding ALS/ Lou Gehrig's disease at the University of Chicago.  These studies were completed in 2015.


Also in 2009 BIOMETROLOGY was selected as the official authorized distributor of cellZscope® automated cell monitoring systems throughout the Americas.  The cellZscope® is quality engineered in Germany by nanoAnalytics GmbH as an impedance-based cell monitoring system for extended in-situ analyses of any cell barrier model, such as the blood brain barrier, intestinal epithelia and pulmonary endothelia.


Dr. Mike Allen, BIOMETROLOGY's Founder and Principal Scientist, is an experienced nanobiologist who has worked in government, private industry and academia using scanning probe microscopy (SPM) as well as other microscopic techniques for over 25 years. Authoring 40 peer-reviewed articles on SPM, giving 100+ seminars and numerous training courses on AFM, and serving on a number of governmental review panels and academic planning committees, Dr. Allen is a well known authority worldwide in the application and methodology of SPM/AFM for bio-related imaging and analysis.



BIOMETROLOGY AFM Analytical Service Laboratory

Tel: 510.676.5191

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Wood pulp under fluid AFM. BIOMETROLOGY provides AFM services that give true in situ analytical results of your product or sample. Most biological samples are extensively hydrated in the native state. Sample alterations or damage due to drying forces that occur during sample preparations used for other analytical techniques are not neccessary with the AFM analysis that BIOMETROLOGY provides.


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1448 E. 52nd Street, Suite 372

Chicago, IL 60615 (USA)

Tel: +1 (510) 676-5191

Email: mike@biometrology.com