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  • Competitive Contract Rates (Preliminary Studies available) (request info)
  • AFM Equipment:

Digital Instruments D3100 and

Multimode AFMs

NanoScope IV Controller

New NanoScope Software

  • All AFM Imaging and Force Modes
  • Instrument Noise Levels Below Manufacturer Spec
  • Fine Scanner Calibration
  • Full Fluid Analysis Capabilities
  • Fully Equipped AFM Analytical Laboratory
  • Image Rendering
  • Data Analysis Software
  • Lab Reports
  • e-lab™ Client Accounts:

Password Secured Client Websites

Instantly View and Download Data-Images and Reports Right From Your Browser



  • On-site Advanced AFM Education and Training
  • Independent Laboratory Analyses and Expert Scientific/Material Witnessing for Legal Cases including Patent Litigation

Filtration media with chemically-treated surface in air by AFM. Polymers, polymer coatings, plastics, protective coatings, paints and coatings, biofilms, thin films, and more- all analyzed by BIOMETROLOGY under relevant environmental conditions. And remember, BIOMETROLOGY does not apply dehydrations, stains, coatings or other contrast enhancements to your product or sample. This means more relevant and easier to interpret analytical results. See tests page for more info of AFM measurements available.


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1448 E. 52nd Street, Suite 372

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Tel: +1 (510) 676-5191