cellZscope® - The Automated Cell Monitoring System

cellZscope® - The Automated Cell Monitoring System


The cellZscope® is an impedance-based cell monitoring system designed for use with standard transwell inserts. Using cellZscope® both the apical and basolateral surfaces of the cell layer are accessible under physiological conditions. The cellZscope® is computer-controlled and allows automated, long-term impedance monitoring experiments with up to 24 different cell cultures simultaneously.


Barrier-forming cells cultured on commercially available permeable membranes can be analyzed. The ohmic resistance (TER, transepithelial / transendothelial resistance) and capacitance (Ccl) of the cell layers under investigation are provided as convenient readout parameters.


The cellZscope® is easy to operate and has a broad range of possible applications. In particular, it is ideally suited for studying the influence of substances such as drugs, toxins, etc. on the barrier function of cell layers.


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cellZscope® - registered trademark of nanoAnalytics, GmbH.  cellZscope® is manufactured in Münster Germany by nanoAnalytics GmbH, the originator of impedance-based cell monitoring systems designed for use with transwell inserts.


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